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Feb. 15, 2009 South Mountain, Telegraph Pass Hike

This hike was quite easy, considering I've been off the hiking bug for a while now! I'm beginning to get the bug again.

The hike is about 2.4 to 3.0 miles round trip and is located in the central region of South Mountain. It ends at the National Trail.

During this hike it was only necessary to bring a day pack, if that. I brought 1.2 liters of water, of which I consumed probably .2 liters! No poles needed.

The trail was a bit too crowded for my tastes, but it definitely quenches my thirst for a good hike. The scenery was nice and the weather was great.

I started out at 9am and finished a little before 10am.

I was supposed to meet a local hiking group to tag along for the hike: the "Hiking Hikers Hiking Group"! I waited until about 9am, which is when they were supposed to show (and I believe they were getting out of their SUV's) when I decided to do it alone...for old time's sake.

When I reached the top, took a few minute break and headed on down the trail again I passed the group, which consisted of about 6 people, about halfway up the trail!

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