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June 05, 2009 We'll Miss You David Carridine

Long live the Young Grasshopper.
After hearing the news today of David Carridine's apparent suicide I was shocked and deeply saddened. I miss him already!
David Carridine played Kwai Chang Caine in the '70's hit series "Kung Fu" and was known by the playful title "Grasshopper".
The series takes place in the 1870's American Southwest. Kwai Chang Caine, who was half-American, half-Chinese, was raised and trained in a Shaolin temple in China since he was a young boy. His masters: Po and Kan instill ancient Buddhist wisdom to the "Young Grasshopper". After leaving the temple as a Shaolin priest Caine must avoid the bounty on his head raised by China and sought after by bounty hunters and assassins.
It was these bits of wisdom and philosophy that had given me, as a young boy myself, a great respect for Asian cultures, philosophies and martial arts. They have stayed close to my heart ever since.

We'll miss you David Carridine (December 8, 1936 – June 3, 2009)...

 The young Grasshopper:

All creatures have virtues:


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New Content June 11, 2009
Response by Alec Kraynak
That must have been a shameful way to be found(half-naked). Anyway,I have some new stuff on my website: 2 new blogs, videos, and "About Me". Hope you like it.

Ps. Qualthwar you must be a comedian at the No - show opera. :)

Wierd Death June 11, 2009
Response by Frank
Yeah, the forensic doctors are all saying that he died from "Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation".

That's the same thing that killed the lead singer of INXS. It's also the way that Mulder from "The X-Files" was forseen by a psychic (on the show, of course) to die from!

I've got all 3 seasons of the "Kung Fu" series and really only liked the first two seasons, but I loved them when I was younger and it's what got me so interested in Asian cultures and Buddhism.

favorite show June 10, 2009
Response by Qualthwar
Kung fu was my favorite show many years ago. I think partly because I lived in a farming community and we only got 3 or 4 tv channels, but it was still appealing because it was a change from all the cowboy and Indian shows. It was like kung fu versus bad cowboys.

From what I read, his ex-wife was saying he liked to experiment with weird stuff which makes you wonder if he was doing that thing where people halfway officiate themselves for a rush.

His death is accidental... June 09, 2009
Response by Regina
Autoerotic asphyxia?!

Personally, I don't believe that he was a lonely man or a freak or anything like what the media said.

Absolutely June 06, 2009
Response by Frank
Yup, it's true: Kwai Chang Caine is gone.

Alec, no problem! As soon as I heard about him passing away, I wanted to write a blog about him.

We will miss him June 06, 2009
Response by Alec Kraynak
Thanks for the contribution!

wtf June 06, 2009
Response by Qualthwar
wtf? i never heard about this. are you sure he died? why haven't i heard about this. you're not telling me the truth. why aren't you telling me the truth. you should tell me the truth.

Hey, who's that little bald kid? did he lose a bet?

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