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Nov. 11, 2009 Happy 75th Birthday Carl Sagan!

Two days ago marked the 75th birthday of my childhood hero: Carl Sagan.

And today I found a few extraordinary YouTube videos that have been put together! They are amazing and feature a lot of Sagan's COSMOS series and some great music and...well, I'll let you watch and enjoy them yourself.

Happy Birthday Carl Sagan...may your memory never be forgotten and may your influence spread across the Cosmos for billions and billions of years to come!


And finally a great tribute to science itself...SUNG by some of the greatest popularizers of science themselves, including Carl Sagan, Richard Feynmann, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Bill Nye, "The Science Guy":

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Amazing!!!! January 18, 2010
Response by Cheri Sterbinsky
I just came across this e-mail and had to send a message; not sure how I missed it.
Always knew of your interest in the cosmos (I got you your first telescope; hope there was some influence there!!!)Anyhow, I never knew of the interest in Carl Sagan; me too! I have ALWAYS had a deep respect and appreciation especially for Stephen Hawking....amazing, amazingly gifted and BRILLIANT man. Kudos!!
Thanks for the videos!!
Love ya,

Videos November 11, 2009
Response by Alec Kraynak
Amazing videos Frankie! Thanks for posting.

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