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March 04, 2012 Big Greek Trail - Alpharetta, GA

10:40am - 1:15pm; 10.0 miles; 

After not being out on the trail for a long time, it felt great to be doing it again! This was a Sunday morning out-and-back 10 mile (total) hike at the Big Creek Trail in Alpharetta, GA. All of the trail consists of boardwalk, bridge, or sidewalk trail. The temp was cold and the wind was blowing quite a bit. The temperature hovered around 55 degrees the whole way, with a wind chill seemingly much colder. The sky at the beginning of the hike showed little to no clouds and progressively filled with threateningly stormy-looking ones at the end. So, the sun was in and out much of the way and provided little warmth against the pushing winds. 

There were many people walking, jogging and biking the trail. I heard a lot of frogs, but saw none. Instead, I was treated to some mallards and a turtle, both of which I got shots of.

The trails total one-way length is about 6.6 miles, but due to time constraints on a Sunday, I couldn't make the entire length. The trail passes through a large field of green, bridges over many running creeks, under a couple of overpasses (GA 400 being one of them), across 2 streetlights, and through a lot of mildly woodsy areas. The trail had many muddy spots that I had to tip toe across and much of the water near the trail was quite muddy itself due to the recent tornadic storms that passed through a couple of days ago.

Overall, it was great to get back out and enjoy nature, the fresh air, and the (at least minimal) solitude.

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